AWOOGA, a Berkeley Engineering Candu E-Z  14′ mini tugboat, was inspired by TooT TooT seen at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, CT in 2010. The builder of AWOOGA, Adam Riso, at that time building a Compumarine cedar strip Power Dinghy, and his wife, Taylor, saw TooT TooT at the show and fell in love. In fact, Taylor said as soon as she saw it, “you can build that next.” 12 years later, after multiple conversations with TooT TooT’s builder and multiple itches to get started, in 2022 AWOOGA started to come to life.  

“You're building a boat?”

UPS Driver

The Inspiration

TooT TooT as seen in 2010 at the Wooden Boat Show

TooT TooT Today

Home Port

Clinton, CT