The Building of AWOOGA

Photos of the building process

Materials Used

Marine Plywood

Meranti Marine Plywood

1/2" 4x8 12 sheets
1/4" 4x8 9 sheets
Purchased and delivered from from

Other Wood

Douglas Fir 2x4's (keel, side keels, bulkhead bases)

Pine quarter round (various sizes)

Epoxy Resin

I have used many different epoxy brands. Raka is very easy to use and feel it is very forgiving. 

6 Gallon Kit (127 Thin resin and 606 Slow hardener)
9 Gallon Kit (127 Thin resin and 606 Slow hardener)

1/4 Chopped Stand Filler

Purchased from

Fiberglass Cloth

100 yars 6oz fiberglass cloth
Purchased from

6"x100' 6oz Fiberglass Tape
Purchased from